Best Jobs for High School Students in St. Charles

Alexis Arriola, staff writer

No matter how old, children are always looking for ways to make money. From when you were a kid maybe you did a lemonade stand in the summer, maybe you did some dog walking. There were many ways to try and make money as a kid, but how about now? Sometimes a little extra cash on the side, or something to take up time in the summer. The youngest you can get a legal job in Missouri is 14. Here are some jobs all high school students can apply to!


14 or older:



Sport Referees

AMC Theaters 

Camp Counselor


15 or older:





16 or older:


Jack in the box



18 or older:

Manager at most places 


As soon as you turn 18 you can work most part time jobs. As children transition into adulthood and start college it is almost fully necessary to get a job and transition before getting a full time job. Sometimes students get a summer job to help pass time and make money.