Local Review- Picklemans!


Lucy Beer

Picklemans is a popular cafe that sells sandwiches, pizza, soups, and salad! Here are reviews of 3 menu items: 

Turkey Sandwich: This menu item is #1 for a reason! The Turkey Sandwich comes with lettuce, tomato, mayo, and comes with provolone cheese. You can also add toppings such as extra seasonings and avocado. If you’re ever looking for a fast tasty meal, the Turkey Sandwich is the way to go.

Baja Chicken Soup: Here is a menu item that isn’t as popular, but just as tasty. The Baja Chicken Soup includes grilled chicken, tomatoes, beans, onions, corn, red and green peppers, green chilies, zucchini, and jalapeno peppers. If you like spicy entrees, this is a good option for you! It also works well in Pickleman’s “Pick 2” Deal.

Turkey Bacon Sandwich: This is #5 on the menu, but tastes just as good! The Turkey Bacon Sandwich has the same toppings as the #1, along with bacon. This is a good option for a sandwich with a little more protein. It is also known as one of Pickleman fans’ favorites. If you’re looking for a more filling menu item, this is a good one to go with. 

After trying these menu items; I definitely recommend taking a trip to Picklemans. While the food was amazing; the environment was also good. All of the workers there were very friendly towards the customers and made sure to be available for any help needed. Overall, Picklemans is a definite yes!