SCW Unpopular Opinions

Alexis Arriola, staff writer

A lot of opinions are split down the middle, some opinions are completely one sided. And there are a select few people out there who completely disagree with the norm. Here are a few unpopular opinions here at West. 


Julia Steele- I hate ranch. Strong disdain against it. 


Audrey Branson- Raising Cane’s tastes like styrofoam. 


Mackenzie McGuire- Reading is fun


Hasani Hendrickson- Airpods are better than headphones


Anna Baumann- Sal is the best Impractical Joker


Claire Mascia- Taylor Alison Swift is the one and only


Hala Ghannam: vegetables are better than fruits


Anna Stichter- Star Wars is overrated


Mrs.Weil- Cell phones will bring down the world


Harrison Hendrickson- Pineapple can be on pizza


Mrs. Hockmeyer- I like pineapple on pizza


Cash Buehler- I hate shrimp


Mitchell Riegerix- Andrew Garfield is the best Spider-Man


Luke Buehler- It’s not weird to drink pickle juice. I do it all the time.