Who Doesn’t Love School?

teacher spotlight

Greeshma Mulpuru, contributor

“We love School! School is fun!” That’s the song that can be heard from Mrs. Holland’s room every Friday. Although this song is just sung to get out of homework, in Mrs. Holland’s classroom, these words hold a lot of truth to them.

Mrs. Holland is a Spanish teacher who has been teaching for about 20 years. Her classroom is covered in vibrant colors and the atmosphere in the room is warm and cheerful. Her assignments include many different projects and fun ways to learn Spanish. But the greatest thing you can notice is Mrs. Holland’s wonderful relationship with others. 

“I love working with kids, high school age, and I’ve always wanted to do something that involved that,” Mrs. Holland said, “I thought teaching would be fun because it would be something new everyday.” 

Not only does she have a good relationship with her students, she also has great relationships at home. Throughout her life, Mrs. Holland has been on many trips all around the world with her family. She has traveled to Mexico, Jamaica, Germany, England, and France! All of these trips have definitely given her a lot of memories. On her trip to Jamaica, she even climbed a waterfall!

“I like going on trips with my family.” She told me. “We always have a fun time when we’re together.” 

Mrs. Holland showed that she has a really deep and close connection with her family. “The thing I value most in our relationship is the bond we have.” She stated. “I like knowing that I have people who I can trust and who support me.”

In school Mrs. Holland teaches with a goal in mind. “My goal is to help my students become the best that they can be, and learn some Spanish along the way. I also like to make sure that they know that I am an adult that is here for them.” She explained. “I don’t know if I’ve met that goal yet. I try to meet that goal all the time, but I never feel like I have completely met it yet. I am still always striving for that.”

Although Mrs. Holland is still trying to meet her goal, she is definitely a person that many kids are able to trust and share a connection with, which are qualities that truly make her a great teacher.