Teacher Feature: Mrs. Bourgeade


Mackenzie McGuire

Mrs. Bourgeade sitting at her desk on November 4, 2021.

Mackenzie McGuire, contributor

On this week’s Teacher Feature, the teacher of the week is Mrs. Bourgeade: the honors biology, AP biology, and a biology teacher at St. Charles West.  Mrs. Bourgeade lived in Tennessee all of her childhood, and ended up going to Middle Tennessee State University for college with a degree in biology.  During her masters program, Mrs. Bourgeade did research on bird parasites for her final masters project.  She ended up moving to France for a few years before coming back to the United States.  She has taught at three community colleges and two universities before coming to West, and progressed into high school teaching but enjoys teaching at West the most.  She is now currently working on her National Board Certification.

Some fun facts about Mrs. Bourgeade:

  1. She did color guard in high school and ended up becoming captain her senior year
  2. She enjoys running and is currently training for a 10k.
  3. She likes rollerskating!


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