Kanye Review – Graduation

Graduation album cover by Kanye West.

Graduation album cover by Kanye West.


The finale to his College Dropout series, Graduation, is widely considered by most to be Kanye’s best, whereas to others, it is regarded to be one of his worst. His opening track, Good Morning, where Kanye looks back on what he has done to reach where he is now. Two songs later, and his song Stronger is his most streamed song on Spotify, with a bit less than 950 million listens. It gets a little too much credit, though. 

The next three track run, featuring I Wonder, Good Life, and Can’t Tell Me Nothing is another amazing track run in his discography. This is then followed by two of his worst songs yet, Barry Bonds and Drunk and Hot Girls. However, Kanye rebounds with some of personal favorites, Flashing Lights and Everything I Am. His second to last song, Homecoming, is one of his best pieces. The album as a whole, is just a fun, good vibe. His second best album.

Rating: 9.5/10