The Top 5 Pets at SCWest


Paige Ryherd

Honorable mention Paige Ryherd’s cat Leo.

Over break, the SCW Smoke Signal Instagram hosted a pet competition that allowed students to send in their pets over the SCSD winter break.  The Instagram page got over thirty submissions of all types of pets, and held a voting session throughout the day on January 4th, 2022.  The students got to vote on how cute they thought the pets were, and the polls narrowed down as pets were eliminated from the competition.  The final list is now: here are the top five cutest pets at St. Charles West based on student’s opinions.

#5 – Hank Quinn

Hank is a French bulldog submitted by brothers Kyle and Karson Quinn, a junior and sophomore at St. Charles West.  Hank enjoys hanging out with his family, playing with assorted stuffed toys, and sleeping the day away.

#4 – Conway Denison

Conway is a beagle and was sent in by freshman Savannah Denison.  Conway enjoys playing with tennis balls, enjoying the summer heat, and spending time with his family.  Conway has a sister (another beagle) named Daisy.

#3 – Piper White

Piper is a French bulldog who was submitted by freshman Anna White.  Piper enjoys eating her food, going for long walks, and playing with a ball.  Piper has a sister (also a French bulldog) named Lola.

#2 – Louie McGuire

Louie is an American bulldog mix and was sent in by freshman Riley McGuire.  Louie enjoys cuddles, running outside, and jumping on the trampoline with his sisters.  Louie also has a Maltese-poodle brother named Ted.

#1 – Slugger Blase

Slugger is a boxer and was sent in by sophomore Sydney Blase.  Slugger enjoys snuggles, he loves socializing, going to the park and is considered to be a big couch potato.  Slugger has a sister named Priscilla and a brother named Eddie.

Some honorable mentions include:

6.  Leo the cat (Paige Ryherd)

7. Meeha and Murfins the dogs (Joy Cowan)

8. Opal the cat (Masen Blanchfield)

Thank you to everyone who submitted a pet for the SCW Pet Contest! It was very successful!

Honorable mentions Meeha and Murfins, sent in by Joy Cowan. (Joy Cowan)
Honorable mention Opal, sent in by Masen Blanchfield. (Masen Blanchfield)