Lunch: What is SCW’s best lunch food?


Anna Prize

A side cup used for lunch fruits or vegetables.

One of the best parts about everyone’s day is lunch: you get to see your friends, AND you get to eat!? That’s a win-win situation.  However, when it comes to lunches, St. Charles West has a really good variety of options for lunches, but what do you get? These past few weeks, I’ve tried every St. Charles West lunch food entrée in the cafeteria so that way you don’t have to.  We’re talking the pizza, the grilled nachos, the new mac and cheese bar, and even stuff like the corndogs and chicken patties.  Here are some of my favorites!

#5 – Chicken patties – The chicken patties aren’t the worst thing I’ve ever had in my life, but personally I’m not the biggest fan.  There’s nothing particularly wrong with it and it’s a solid lunch choice, but SCW has better options.

#4 – Grilled nacho line – One of my favorite things about the grilled nacho line is the fact that it’s so customizable.  I could eat the nachos every day and never have the same combination.  It also has the most topping options (lettuce, sour cream, etc) and I’m all for dressing up nachos.

#3 – Mac and cheese line – Also super customizable, I like the fact that you can put bacon on your mac and cheese and make it something totally different every day.  The cheese was surprisingly good too, it was actually super creamy and it gave off vibes from my childhood.

#2 – Yogurt parfait – The yogurt parfait is an extremely solid lunch choice when you’re not really feeling a big lunch.  The fruit is honestly super juicy and the yogurt and the fruit blend really nice together. A solid 10/10.

#1 – Pizza. The school’s pizza is the love of my life.  I know some people will probably disagree with me, but school pizza keeps me going throughout the day.  Like I look forward to the school pizza.  I can’t put into words how much I am absolutely addicted to the school pizza. I love it so much, it gets a 100/10 in my book.


  1. Tater tots
  2. Curly fries
  3. Those pineapple/mango/cherry pops by the ice cream

In conclusion, my love for pizza is great, but the school food is actually a pretty decent choice.  Plus, all of the lunch entrees (not snacks or anything) are free, which is another win win in my opinion.