Who has the coolest classroom at St. Charles West?


Mackenzie McGuire

Mrs Bourgeade and her classroom back in December 2021.

When it comes to a classroom, a ton of things have to be taken into consideration.  Is the classroom providing a comfortable learning environment for students? Can the classroom be utilized for special activities in the classroom? Or, a personal favorite: is the classroom aesthetically pleasing?  In this article, we got the student’s opinion on the coziest classrooms at St. Charles West, with the scoring based on how well the students learn, how aesthetically pleasing it is, and its ability to be utilized.  Let’s dive in!

The first one we’re gonna tackle is Ms. Holland’s room.  Ms. Holland is a Spanish I and II teacher at St. Charles West, and students say her classroom is the best to be in.  “Her classroom is the most decorated out of all the classrooms I’ve been in, and she always does her best to make sure we all understand what we’re learning.”, says freshman Savannah Denison.  In Ms. Holland’s room, you will find LED lights above her whiteboard, “papel picados” (a Spanish decoration for the Day of the Dead) on the ceiling, a painting painted by junior James Wortham, and other assorted decorations.  On top of all that, Holland likes to teach things several different ways in order to ensure each student has learned something.

The next favorite is Ms. Ballmann’s classroom.  Ms. Ballmann is a FACS (Family and Consumer Science) teacher at West, and she is known for having a really aesthetically pleasing room.  Teaching goals, if you ask me.  “She keeps the lights off and plays calming music, and she has a large assortment of chairs so you can pick where you are comfortable, her room is where I learn best”, says freshman Riley McGuire.  Along with her seating setup, she keeps the lights off, she will play quiet music when working on something, and she is always super creative with her lesson plans.

The next classroom favorite is Mr. Jackson.  Mr. Jackson is the Warrior Vision producer and the robotics and film teacher at St. Charles West.  Mr. Jackson’s room is known for the rolling chairs by the computers, the motivational posters, and some assorted sofas in different parts of the room.  “What makes it great is the rolling chairs and the motivational posters”, says sophomore Ian Wiley.

The next and final classroom is Mrs. Delaney’s class.  Mrs. Delaney is the French teacher at St. Charles West.  Some of the highlights of Delaney’s classroom includes a doorbell outside her door, colorful posters covering the wall, and a comfortable seating arrangement.  Overall, Mrs. Delaney’s classroom is a solid choice for learning purposes and students enjoy working in her workspace.

In conclusion, there are a ton of good classrooms at St. Charles West, however according to students, Ms. Ballmann, Mr. Jackson, Mrs. Delaney, and Ms. Holland all have good learning environments and aesthetically pleasing classrooms.