What’s Hot, What’s Not – Platform Sneakers

Platform boots in action.

Platform boots in action.

What’s Hot Wha’ts Not – Platform Sneakers

Platform scandals are also hot!

Are you really living life if you don’t own a pair of platform sneakers? Personally I think the answer is no. On this week’s issue of what’s hot and what’s not I will be talking about the hotness of the extra inches under your feet. 

Platform shoes are a necessary item in your closet and here’s why. Platforms are the perfect in between for dressing it down and stepping it up. Platform sneakers can dress up a pair of jeans or sweats, and tone down fancier fits like a dress or blouse. The best part is, that even when dressing down you still look stylish with your elevated shoes. 

Some hot platform sneakers

Platforms come in all shapes and sizes, this includes sandals. Platform sandals are a must have this summer, and have been put on my summer hotty list. Some brands that have caught my eye recently are Birkenstock, Nike, and Dollz Kill. I feel like platform sandals and high heels are a duo that look different, but give off the same energy. 

Platform shoes are a flash from the past that let us play around with current popular fashion, as well as the original 70s look. Another great thing about platforms is that they make you taller! Whether you think you need the extra inches, or you’re already tall and you like the look of a platform, IT’S HOT. 

I highly recommend a platform shoe for your next purchase because you never know, your non platform could show up on next week’s Not So Hot List.