Kanye Review – Late Registration


Late Registration album cover by Kanye West.

After the success of The College Dropout, West’s fanbase were excited to see what was coming next. He responded two years later with his best album yet.

  1. Late Registration

West’s sophomore album and sequel to The College Dropout is thought to some as being his best, me being one of them. His first three songs on it, Heard ‘Em Say, Touch the Sky, and Gold Digger are some of his most recognizable and best songs of his career. Roses is a great track, and Diamonds from Sierra Leone-Remix boasts one of Jay-Z’s best verses yet. 

Hov appears much more throughout Kanye and his discography. Hey Mama is an amazing dedication song, and it hits even harder now that his mother, Donda, sadly passed away due to surgery complications. Overall, Late Registration is Kanye’s best album. 

Rating: 10/10